Smart Football Stats for Bettors

Use simple, actionable stats!

Tired of looking at the same football stats over and over again? From the team's place in the league, scorers, team formation to yellow cards and number of corners, every website shows you the same data.

And after wasting time browsing over dozens of websites you still can't make a betting decision.

With OddsWizz you only have to focus on 3 simple stats:


You will be able to perform a proper analysis and build a consistent football prediction model! Click here to learn more.

Make your own smart soccer predictions

90 to 95% of sports bettors lose money! Is this you?

  1. You don't have a robust prediction model as the foundation of your betting system.
  2. You're making guestimates based on the last couple of matches instead of using real numbers and a math-based approach

Today's Chelsea vs Man. United is different than last year's Chelsea vs Man. United. The bookies know this. They have numbers that tells how big the difference is.

From now on you can use real numbers to make consistent predictions using our Poisson-based model. You only need to select which matches to include in the model and that's it. You will be able to see in real time how each decision you make affects the predictions.

And if you provide us with your bookie's odds, we'll tell you which are the value bets ;)

Track your football bets

Not keeping track of your bets is another reason you might be losing money. Maybe you're good at betting on double-chance and Over/Under 2.5. But unless, you track your betting activity you won't know that.

By looking at the betting history you will be able to decide when it's time to stop betting on certain teams or results. Or when to employ casino-like strategies like "the martingale"... if you are into such a thing.

We allow you to store a wide range of football bets:

  • Result
  • Double chance
  • BTTS
  • HT/FT double
  • Over/Under

If you would you like to stop placing losing bets, track all of them and revise them frequently.

Access OddsWizz's predictions

We believe each professional bettor has his/her own, personal, secret prediction model. However, we know that having a football prediction model is only a small part of a profitable betting system.

We understand that creating a prediction model is not that easy either so, after a heated debate, we decided to create a prediction model and offer its predictions to our members.

If you decide to use our predictions you will get probabilities for a lot of type of bets: result, double chance, over/under etc.

Besides the probability of each outcome to happen, you have access the expected value of each bet and it's corresponding Kelly Criterion.

You SHOULD NOT use our soccer predictions "as is". You SHOULD NOT perform any betting just because the expected value is high or because the probability of an outcome is very high.