Smart Football Stats Features

Simple, actionable stats

Tired of looking at the same stats over and over again? From the team's place in the league, scorers, team formation to yellow cards and number of corners.

And after all that watching you still seem to get nowhere near close a confident prediction?

We have worked hard to reduce this problem and created only 3 clear statistics:


Simple, right? And we video tutorials on how to make predictions in less than 5 minutes.

Smart visualizations

Are you a more visually inclined person or are you more comfortable seeing numbers? It doesn't matter, we got you covered!

Our stats are simple and allow you to make effective betting decisions. You will see it with your own eyes.
However, having some numbers are not enough. We have tested various visualization techniques and we think we've found the best ones.

We give you the option to view the stats in a table format which is helpful if you want to see a team's evolution over time.

We also offer you the stats in a graphical format to make it easies to compare the teams.

You can also find similar matches based on each of the smart stats.

Bet tracker

Another feature required by professional bettors is the ability to keep track of your bets. For every game you will be able to see the bets you previously made for matches involving the same teams.

By looking at the betting history you will be able to decide when it's time to stop betting on certain teams and when to employ casino-like strategies like "double down" or "the martingale" if you are into such a thing.

We allow you to store a wide range of bets:

  • Result
  • Double chance
  • BTTS
  • HT/FT double
  • Over/Under
Bet tracker interface

Betting community

For each game you will be able to see a summary of the bets placed by other savvy members of the community. You can see what others think about the outcome of a match. You will decide if you want to adjust your original bet, if there is such a thing as "crowd wisdom" or you want to be a contrarian. Your style, your choice.

Additionally (feature still under development), you will be able to see details about the members that placed the bets, along with details of their betting performance over time so you can choose which bets to take into consideration and which to discard.

Bets placed by other community members

3,434 total registered bettors
38,358 bets tracked in the last 30 days
410 bettors registered in the last 30 days