"The Gambler" vs the tipsters

Some people have to learn everything the hard way, right? We gave people lots of reasons on why you should never use football tipsters. But they are still asking for lists of bets to place. "I don't want to look at your stats, where are the tips from the experts" is a common question we get. If you are one of those people keep reading. If not, keep reading; this still going to be interesting.

If you don't know who Billy Walter, let's start by saying he is regarded as the most successfull sports bettor in Las Vegas. You can read his bio on Wikipedia. Or you can watch the short video below.

If you watched the video you will see the secrecy involved in Billy's operations. He doesn't even meet the people he's using to place bets. His secret formula is not passed around to other people. Not for 10$, not for 100$, not for 1000$. He could create a subscription service where a few selected individuals would pay 10000$ every week to get his tips. With just 20 subscribers he would have a constant revenue stream of 200.000$ per week. No stress. But he still does it... "the hard way". Why? Because, this is not something to give away very cheaply.

At the begining of the article we said that Billy Walters "is regarded as the most successfull sports bettor in Las Vegas". The keyword here being "regarded". There could be more successfull sports bettors in Las Vegas of which we know nothing about. Precisely because having a successful sports betting formula is a secret not be revealed.

So, whenever you see somebody telling you his tips, free of charge of at a very low price just... close the browser tab, block his account and avoid him at all cost. Here's a quote from Billy Walters: "Sports betting requires more skill than poker"

If you are serious about football betting and you want to stop making "gurus" rich, you have to start working on your own betting system. Find matches with attractive payouts, use our smart stats to find similar matches, use a formula to fill the Poisson Odds Calculator and test your hypothesys. Rinse and repeat.

It's not easy to be a successful football bettor but it can be done. Billy Walters is a living proof. 

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