Multiple analysis strategies for making football predictions

In the last couple of weeks we published a bunch of practical tutorials on how to make your own football predictions to improve your betting performance. You can find the our Youtube channel, grouped in the "Premier League predictions" playlist.

People that follow us closely and watched all the videos got the most of our efforts because not all the tutorials were following the same path. In most of the videos we tried to approach the smart stats from different perspective and we tried of offer different ways to use the stats to make your own betting system. Below is a summary of different styles of interpreting the data we used, in no particular order.

  • Place higher importance on one of the stats. In this video below we placed a 50% importance on the "Shape" stats. However you can choose "attach" or "defense" as the most important of the stats. The goals is to come up with a system that is profitable. If that requires placing 80% importance on attack, that's ok.
  • Use only 1 or 2 of the stats. This will make things easier for you but it might also make you miss important information. In this demonstration we didn't use "Shape" at all while making predictions. At the end of the day if this method makes you money, it doesn't matter if you're not using all the OddsWizz' stats.
  • Use the table view for faster betting. The table view shows the scores for all the matches without you having to mouse over the match, this is something you are forced to do when you use the graph view. However it's harder to see the differences between the matches. This is what we did when we analyzed the match between Newcastle and Wartford.
  • Use only the face-to-face matches to make predictions. For matches where there's a lot of rivalry between the teams (like Barcelona vs Real Madrid) you can try using only the face-to-face matches. The justification for this approach is that on these games both teams will do their best and previous performance is of little importance. This is what we did at the beginning of this tutorial
  • Use only the matches where the teams have played against the same opponents. The logic behind this approach is that if team A beats team C and team C beats team B, than team A should beat team B. This is what we did in the second part of the video where we made predictions for Man.City vs Man. United
  • Use also the goals received. The Poisson Odds Calculator allows you to use goals received as an input parameter. We used this approach for the Southamption vs Wartford video. The reason behind this approach is that the defense of a team influences the attack of the opponent in a relevant way.
  • Choose a fixed number of matches. In most of the videos above we tries to use for analysis only matches that were close to the matche being analysed. However you can choose to just always use the closest 3, 4, 5 matches no matter how similar they are. This has the downside that, if you don't have access to a lot of matches, you will use for analysis matches that are not similar at all. But hey, if it works, it works :)

As you can see, the OddsWizz stats give you a lot of options to create your own winning betting system. It's up to you to put in the effort, test your strategies and become a better bettor

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