Kelly Criterion Excel calculator for football betting

After writing the "Kelly Criterion, the value of value bets" article we got a few requests from fellow football bettors for an excel file that can be used for football betting. We obliged.

There are a few things to consider about the Excel file that you may download at the end of the article

  1. The file contains the formula for 1x2 type of bets so if you are an "over/under" type of guy you'll have to make your own file.
  2. The file contains comments about each type of data that is contained present so make sure you read them.
  3. There columns named "Your probabilities" must add to 100% but it's you that must make sure of that.
  4. The file contains 3 samples. Even though it's the same game, the samples show you scenarios that you may find in real life. There's a scenario where you don't have ANY value bet and a scenario where the Kelly Criterion is very high.

download the file

... and happy betting!

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