About us

You are probably familiar with the stats offered by the sport betting sites and other services. They are overwhelming, right? So much details, so little chance to make sense of the data.  Even machines have a hard time finding patterns and correlations.

Bookmakers love to show you as much details as possible because this adds noise to your analysis and reduces the (already slim) chances of making sense of the data. In case there are patterns, you will have a hard time finding them. Some go as far as showing weather data, referee names and single player stats as if a person could look at those numbers and using a formula, could come up with prediction percentages.

OddsWizz.com makes things simple for you. For each game, we give you the recent history of the teams using aggregate indicators that will give you an understandable image of the teams. All past performance is compressed to 3 indicators that will make it easy for you to make an assesment. If you think weather predictions or an injured player might swing the results in a different direction you are free to do so.

We provide aggregate stats only for national leagues for two reasons:

  1. the other competitions (eg: UCL, qualifications for the EURO etc) do not give us enough data to create the aggregate stats
  2. based on historical analysis we've seen the results are less predictable so we don't want to offer stats that we don't believe in

Because these stats are aggregate of past games and are specific to each leagues not all games will have stats, especially at the beginning of each season.

What kind of aggregate stats we provide?

  1. Attack force 
  2. Defense strength
  3. Shape. 

You can read more about these smart stats here.The smart stats are provided for a number of games in the past depending on the type of subscription you have. This number varies from 8 (for the free accounts) to 20. The Legend accounts has the option of downloading CSV files with data with up to 50 games back that you plug into a machine learning algorithm if that’s something that you fancy.

If the stats are so smart why we’re not offering predictions? Read the answer here.